An Invitation to Join Us

To the Woman…

who finds meaning in her church and is drawn to its fellowship…

whose life is packed full of activity and obligations…

who struggles with loneliness or a sense of failure…

who juggles jobs and family, and tries to be faithful to both…

who wants to combine classroom study with significant fellowship and outreach opportunites…

who seems overburdended with the traditional woman’s role of care-giver…

who feels she has gifts which are wasted or undeveloped…

who wants to be accepted for who she is…

who needs a supportive community to affirm her own sense of purpose and commitment to God…

...we invite you to participate in United Methodist Women.

All women of any age, interest, or character flaw are welcome to join at any time. Participation in the Minnehaha Unit of the United Women of Faith gives each of us an opportunity for growth in our individual spiritual experiences, as well as experiencing friendships that enhance each of our lives. It is an opportunity to give of our individual spiritual gifts while receiving invaluable insight and gifts from others of different ages and strengths.

Mission is our program. We take seriously the command from Jesus to “Feed my sheep.” United Women of Faith hear the cries of women, children and youth and constantly look for ways in which we can support them. Through the global ministries of the church, UWF programs help people become as great as they can be.

Please join us — it’s an exciting relationship!



The organized unit of United Women of Faith shall be
A community of women

Whose PURPOSE is to know God

and to
experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;

and to
develop a creative, supportive fellowship;

and to
expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


I Pledge:

My prayers…that I may experience growth and renewal in my relationship to God and to my sisters and brothers;

My time…that I may respond to human need through study, action and reflection;

My gifts…through United Women of Faith, that I may share in the global ministries of the church.


Minnehaha UWF Leadership


Maureen Trepp

Co-Vice Presidents:
Beth Minehart
Kitty Campbell

Kim Kanuit

Jenia Strom

Reverend Becky Sechrist

Mission Coordinators:

Education & Interpretation:
Geri Cook

Membership Nurture & Outreach:
Karen Anderson

Program Resources:
Joanne Becklund

Sarah Hicks

Walker Representative:
Wanda Driver

Enrichment Groups

Thursday Volunteers
Beginning 48 years ago, Thursday Volunteers still meet the first and third Thursdays of each month, October through May. They gather to make Personal Care Bags for Simpson Shelter and Chapel of Hope, and Lap Robes for Walker Care Center and Augustana Care Center. Contacts: Mae Schroeder and Margaret Risteau.

Prayer Shawl and Baptismal Blanket Ministry
Knit, crochet, quilt, sew…. Lovingly create a shawl to be given to those in our midst who are in need of a reminder that they are cared for, remembered and prayed for, or a Baptismal Blanket for those being welcomed into our church community. Contact: Ann Mattson.

Florence’s Greeting Cards
We have all enjoyed the opportunity to purchase recycled greeting cards originally hand-made by Florence Ness, now carried on in her memory (cards are available in Fellowship Hall). Help us continue her wonderful mission and join this card making group. Contact: DeAnna Wichman.

Read a Book a Month
Join this collection of readers who meet once a month (Sunday mornings at 10:15 in the chapel) to discuss a specific work. Selections are thought-provoking and spiritually enriched. Women of all ages are welcome! Contact: Margaret Rawson.

Secret Sisters
A Secret Sister is a special friend for you to pray for and remember. Join this group of multi-generational women who support each other and come together to celebrate once or twice a year. Contact: Geri Cook.


Reading Program

The purpose of the Reading Program is to encourage United Women of Faith:

  • to expand understanding of and participation in God’s mission;
  • to increase sensitivity to all human beings—their needs, interests, and concerns;
  • to encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today;
  • to grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life;
  • to enhance self-knowledge and to act from that knowledge;
  • to strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

The Women’s Division recommends a diverse range of books with the intention of broadening exposure to a variety of concepts. The Division does not intend that United Methodist Women accept each word or idea contained within each volume. Some books you may agree with. Some you may not. Either is all right. At the least you know the Women’s Division cares and wants you to be a knowledgeable and caring Christian about the issues of the day.

Select the plan that suits your reading habits, and follow that plan to receive credit. Anyone may participate. Books are chosen from five categories: Education for Mission; Nurturing Community; Social Action; Spiritual Growth; and Leadership Development. Books, Magazines, and check-out cards are located on the cart in the church library. Regular reading of Response magazine is an important part of Plan I; regular reading of Response and World Outlook are important parts of Plans II – IV. Youth books are included in Plans II – IV. Children’s books are included in Plans III – IV.

Plan I: Read 4 books, one from each category.
Plan II: Read 10 books, 2 from each category plus 2 additional books.
Plan III: Read 15 books, 2 from each category plus 7 additional books.
Plan IV: Read 20 books, 2 from each category plus 12 additional books.


Mission U

Held annually in July, the UMW’s Mission U is an educational experience that expands participants’ ideas about what mission is in today’s world. It is an opportunity to study current issues impacting society based on recent mission study topics. Each School offers classes on a topic covering three themes:  Spiritual Growth, Geographic, and Social Issues.

Mission U is held Tuesday through Friday and includes classes around chosen study themes, worship, large group gatherings, sharing faith stories and other activities. Two mission events take place during the same week, one on the weekend (Friday night to Sunday), and one drive-in day on Saturday.

Who can come to Mission U? Anyone who wishes to learn more about the study topics is welcome! You don’t have to be a UMW member or even a United Methodist! Invite women from your church who may not be actively involved in UMW. Invite a friend or relative who would enjoy the stimulating conversations that always occur. Teens are encouraged to participate as well.


Response Magazine

  • Want to see the world?
  • Searching for meaning in life?
  • Overwhelmed by folks who don't care?
  • Concerned about neglected children?
  • Committed to mission?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Response is for you. Monthly Bible studies, stories of faith, and mission opportunities are just part of what you'll find in Response. This magazine will touch your heart, stir your soul, and challenge your mind.

Response is available through subscription or on the cart in the church library.

On-line versions of articles and studies are available here:





Your gifts will be shared with these following missions:
National Division of the United Methodist Women: Global Mission Projects including UMCOR (United Methodist Council on Relief).
Feed My Starving Children: Feeding children in over 55 countries around the world.
Haiti Solar Oven Project: Providing solar ovens for cooking and water pasteurization.
Emma Norton Services: Serving women and children in need of supportive housing.
Joyce Pre-School: Quality preschool education for children of diverse backgrounds.
Simpson Shelter: Serving families experiencing homelessness.
Walker Care Fund: Providing funds for the special needs of Walker residents.
Meals via Wheels: Providing home-delivered meals to people in our community.

Your gifts will also help support these Minnehaha programs:
Minnehaha UMC Food Shelves: Food distribution to local residents.
Minnehaha UMC Minneharvest: Food distribution with no resident restrictions.
Minnehaha UMC Youth: Mission programs and educational scholarships.
Minnehaha UMC Hospitality:  Kitchen expenses and supportive community.
Minnehaha UMC Pastor’s Discretionary Fund: Support for those with special needs.
Minnehaha UMW: Speakers, Literature/Reading program, and School of Christian Mission.

Thank you for your support!

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